A brand new CBD and a wealth of opportunity for investors

(source: Walker Corporation)

We’re extremely excited to be involved in a project so close to the Sunshine Coast’s new groundbreaking CBD and would like to share a little more about why this is such a high demand location.

Also known as SunCentral, the new Maroochydore CBD has become the major catalyst for growth on the Sunshine Coast. Check out this short video by the people behind the project which perfectly sums up how this exciting project is driving growth on the coast.

CBD Highlights

  • $4.4bn expected boost to the Sunshine Coast Economy
  • 20,000 new jobs created over 20 years.
  • Expansive 53ha development
  • Part of a huge $20bn infrastructure programme

Investment Highlights

  • Invest in the Sunshine Coast market for well under $500k
  • Gross rental yield of 6%
  • Projected annual ROI of 11.05%
  • Huge local rental demand – 0.5% vacancy rate
  • Over $6,500 p.a. cash flow positive
To invest in this remarkable location from just $332,000, make contact on (07) 3871 2500 or reach out by email at info@cameronbird.com.au

Looking for more detail?

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