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Our goal is to partner with you to achieve your personalised aspirations of wealth creation and early retirement through smart property investment. Through a 41 year strong methodology, in-depth investment reports and an essential investment property calculator, we strive every day to provide superior performing investment properties direct from the developer to our members. At the same time, with everyone that has purchased through The Cameron Bird Group, we aim to provide the highest level of customer service every step of the way, with the goal of finding a tenant for your investment property lined up prior to settlement.
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Download the Property Information Pack

Duplex Release


We’ve secured the land, optimised the package for investment purposes and passed the savings onto you.


Talk to the experts with proven results first.


Call us on (07) 3871 2500



Real Results backed by real rents, real build photos and real testimonials. We now have a new opportunity in our highly recommended area of Palmwoods on the Sunshine Coast.


Perfect for an investor looking for a Duplex.


The Duplex opportunity is a 304sqm build on a corner block of 809sqm. We have deliberately designed this to have both street aspects parallel to the garages. This optimises the design so that double lock up garages can be fit into each dwelling. It’s the little things we’ve taken care of that end up making such a big difference.


Our package is called the ‘David Bird 344’ in memory of my father and the founder of The Cameron Bird Group. This has been and still is a family business and like with family, I am always open to meet a valued member of The Cameron Bird Group on-site, to not only view the lot but to show all of the growth drivers and the areas of the importance that are happening on The Sunshine Coast.


If you are currently considering a Duplex, talk to the experts backed by real results.


Kind Regards,
Jack Bird


More about this property

A 6 BED / 4 BATH / 2 X DLUG DUPLEX located on a large, elevated corner lot in the growth real estate market of The Sunshine Coast. A large 304sqm build on a corner block of 809sqm, this DUPLEX unlocks all barriers between you and financial success.


The manufactured equity in the DUPLEX is projected up to $116,979, the rent is based on real rental returns achieved and are $920 per week making anafter tax cash flow of up to $288 per week! Good Duplex sites are extremely hard to come by and we are glad we are able to secure this lot for our investors. Read through the comprehensive information pack and make contact on: (07) 3871 2500 or email: info@cameronbird.com.au