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Investment Property Calculator iPad

SMSF Investment Calculator

Specifically for SMSF purchaser: from the setup of the bare trust to concessional contributions to super after the purchase. A SMSF purchase cash flow differs greatly to a standard property purchase. We have developed this SMSF investment property calculator to take into account the different tax rates of a SMSF purchase and the different setup costs that apply.

Dual Occupancy Concept Overview

Dual Occupancy Concept Overview

The Cameron Bird Group has been sourcing and recommending the dual occupancy properties since 2014 and we know the ins and outs of investing in this yield-boosting house type.

Don’t fall for some common investor mistakes. Educate yourself before you purchase a dual occupancy property.

Sunshine Coast Investors Guide Front Cover

Sunshine Coast 2021 Investors Guide

A guide to the Sunshine Coast explaining why it is our most recommended investment location year after year. We explore what sets it apart from other regions and how it has transformed itself from tourist destination to the strongest property market in Queensland as well as why all signs point to this continuing for the foreseeable future.

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