The Cameron Bird Group investment property calculator allows you to make smarter investment decisions by crunching the cash flows of your investment property before you enter into any purchase. The investment property calculator clearly shows the BEFORE and AFTER tax benefits both weekly and annually.


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Can the investment property calculator be used on any real estate investment purchase in Australia?


Yes! We also have an SMSF Cash Flow Analyser that works in the same manner but for Self Managed Super Fund Property Purchasers. From the setup of the bare trust to concessional contributions to super after the purchase. An SMSF purchase cash flow differs greatly to a standard property purchase. We have developed this investment property calculator to take into account the different tax rates of an SMSF purchase and the different setup costs that occur with an SMSF purchase.


What format is the investment property calculator software in?


The investment property calculator is an excel spreadsheet with a file extension of .xls. There are a small number of input fields required which are unique to each investor and their potential real estate purchase. At the end of inputting, the investment property calculator will display the BEFORE and AFTER tax net results. We stand behind our claim that our investment property calculator that we have created is the best investment property calculator in Australia.


How much does the investment property calculate cost?


Our investment property calculator is free, absolutely FREE. We repeat, our investment property calculator is absolutely FREE. You will also receive access to our in-depth investment property reports with cash flow results included. Once you are logged in they can be found on the properties page.


Does the investment property calculator take into account all tax deductions and expenses?


Yes! 14 data points are all that are required to be entered into our investment property calculator (that are unique to each investor and their potential real estate investment purchase)

1.    Investment Property Purchase Price
2.    Cost of Furniture Package / Depreciation Schedule / Valuations
3.    Your loan interest rate
4.    Legal Costs (conveyancing fees)
5.    Stamp Duty
6.    Deposit Amount
7.    Transfer and Mortgage Registration Fees
8.    Salary Income
9.    Weekly Rent
10.  Annual Rates Inc. Water
11.  Body Corporate Fees (if applicable)
12.  % charged by Property Manager
13.  Landlord Insurance
14.  Property Depreciation (Year 1 estimate)


From this data, the ANNUAL and WEEKLY cash flow BEFORE and AFTER tax benefits are displayed as well as projected Capital Growth based on The Cameron Bird Group’s research.


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