The Cameron Bird Group are your property partners, specialising in finding you the best Cash Flow Positive investment opportunities throughout South East Queensland.

We connect you with the best investment property for your portfolio. Decades of experience has taught us how to identify emerging hotspots and evaluate properties based on their potential for capital growth, demand, rental yield and market stability.

A positive investment experience for you is our top priority, not only in finding and purchasing a property but also throughout the development and securing tenants with rental yields that will produce the best cash flows and extra ROI.


“My real estate career began in 2003, working alongside my father before taking over the business in 2010 when he passed away. On reflection, I know that being mentored by a stalwart of the industry was priceless. I learned a great deal from my dad, the least of which was that cash flow positive property serves any portfolio and, when there’s a plan and strategy in place, the returns can be staggering.


Reach out to me if you need help to figure out what to do next. My team and I can help you plan your next move and help you to source, finance, secure and tenant investment properties, especially if you’re set on investing in South East Queensland.


I’ve spent years building strong relationships with builders and developers who share their developments with us long before the first brick is laid. Likewise, the strong relationship we have with investors is equally solid – and that’s when we bring the two together for great outcomes.”


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Jack Bird
Cameron Bird Group Director
0432 687 677

“With over 13 Years success working one-on-one with investors, I am passionate about specialising in new residential property investment strategy and sales, with the goal of escalating your cashflow and wealth through property.


During this time, my property investment knowledge has provided opportunity to my own advantage, expanding my portfolio to 10 and includes a range of structures and differing cash flow property types”.


With a qualified professional network at her disposal, combined with her strong background in property investment, business and finance, Lorraine is equipped to determine the best strategy or property for you very quickly.


Whether you’re getting ready to invest for the first time, or if you are an experienced investor looking for returns, Lorraine’s first-class skills ensure you will get the best experience possible. It’s always a good time to invest, it just depends on ‘where’.


If you are thinking about investing, or how to become market ready to invest, Lorraine would love to talk with you.


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Lorraine Nielsen

Lorraine Nielsen
Senior Property Investment Specialist
0407 025 555


The Cameron Bird Group Investment Property Selection Methodology

Each property opportunity that we release to our members is thoroughly researched. The Cameron Bird Group is renowned for its research and high customer service. To not only survive but thrive in the Queensland property investment industry for over 40 years, The Cameron Bird Group has had to build off the methodology laid down by the late David Bird but also embrace the digital age and continue to work and advance in all matters of real estate acquisition and wealth creation.


Our 8 category, 50 point check-list methodology ensures we do our thorough due diligence on each development that comes across our desk.  Too often we hear wealth creators having a development that ‘ticks all the boxes’ when the reality is it doesn’t and furthermore, that same company doesn’t even have a solid methodology to back it. Further to the methodology, we must ensure that we offer the same high-level customer services that we pride ourselves on. The Cameron Bird Group provides around the clock availability to our valued members, we are always here to assist.



As a trusted partner, Anthony at Adviser Finance Brokers has championed many of our members and built them the foundation for a successful and profitable purchase. From unpicking the intricacies of investing through superannuation, to leveraging existing equity, to giving advice on the best type of loan to make your goals achievable, Anthony is incredibly well equipped to guide your investment journey.

“”I believe all clients deserve access to a professional, with extensive knowledge of the finance industry, without having to pay up front, out of pocket fees for the privilege. I call upon my extensive knowledge of the Finance Industry to assist anyone from First Home Buyers to High Level investors and I’m at my happiest when providing Financial Advice and guidance to individuals who have a focus on property investment and building a property portfolio.”


Anthony’s Specialisms

  • Attaining finance for off the plan and established property purchases with a strong focus on positively geared properties
  • Property Investment Structuring – Discretionary Trusts, Family Trust, Corporate Trustees
  • Property Portfolio reviews with the intent on saving clients significant cost in loan repayments and releasing equity for future purchases.
  • SMSF Property Investing


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Anthony Hurford
Adviser Finance Brokers


  • Superior performing stock acquisition
  • Deal DIRECTLY with builder / developer
  • IN-HOUSE comprehensive investment reports
  • Advanced analysis of property and market background
  • High level of personalised customer service


  • We don’t use third party aggregators
  • We don’t charge any fee to the client
  • We don’t forget about the client once the contracts are signed – we are here to support you from the research stage all the way through to securing tenants



The Cameron Bird Group was established by the late David Bird in 1978. He recognised that traditional real estate agents were unequipped to help investors find the best investment properties as those agents did not understand all aspects of investing and the growth indicators that push property prices upwards.


By the late ’90s, The Cameron Bird Group were one of the forerunners in Queensland investment property marketing nation-wide. If you purchased ‘Australian Property Investor’ magazine in that time, you would have seen The Cameron Bird Group on the back cover, occupying the spot for 15 years before the magazine moved online.


In 2005, David’s son, Jack, came on board to assist the business and learn from his father, as well as bringing the company into the digital age. David passed on in 2010 and Jack Bird has continued to run this company successfully to this day based on his father’s principles and real estate expertise on Queensland investment properties.


Over this period of time, our Investment Property Calculator was created by The Cameron Bird Group family with collaboration and sign off by tax professionals. To this day, every financial year the investment property calculator is updated with all Australian tax legislation and tax tables taken into consideration.


2018 was a very special year for Jack and The Cameron Bird Group family as it was Cameron Bird’s 40th year of service and a proud milestone for any property investment industry business to have reached.


Now with over 40 years of service, the goal is to continually strive to be at the forefront of the property investment industry, delivering stand-out investment properties direct from the developer backed by the most in-depth investment reports in the industry.


Thinking of investing in a Queensland investment property?  Make contact, be informed and be pro-active.

About Investment Property Specialists The Cameron Bird Group

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  • Free Investment Property Calculator
  • In-depth investment property reports
  • An insight into a 42-year strong methodology of investment property acquisition


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There is no company in the investment property industry that provides as much in-depth investment information to back up their recommendations then The Cameron Bird Group. With EVERY property release, whether it be an entire Townhouse development or a single stand-alone Dual Occupancy or Duplex property, The Cameron Bird Group will supply the same in-depth, up to date, investment report backing.


The Cameron Bird investment property calculator spreadsheet displaying a return on investment is always utilized for these investment reports. The Cameron Bird Group has produced its own in-house investment reports since day one of operation and over the years, these ‘Property Information Packs’ or (PIPS), have been optimised continually. Accurate, up-to-date information is very important to an investor, the days of just a stock-list, one render and a site map are very outdated and inefficient, especially for an investor who is not located near to the area being presented.


All of our latest investment reports are available to our members. Simply download via the properties page or sign up for free news and recommendations straight to your inbox.

About the Cameron Bird Group

Over 40 years of service… put us to the test!

“We have purchased 3 properties over this period and seen very strong investment performance from them. Cameron Bird Group have made the process very user-friendly, with continual support from start to finish. The most recent duplex project is in the Palmwoods region of the Sunshine Coast.”


Tim Barret