Sunshine Coast Airport notches up 41st Month straight of Passenger Growth

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019

The $2bn dollar Sunshine Coast Public Hospital which was completed in 2013 was the first of the game changers on The Sunshine Coast and now, the second major infrastructure for growth is well underway.

Due for completion in 2020, the upgrading of the Sunshine Coast Airport is more than an upgrade to runways, it’s enabling the opening up of international routes. The monolith that is the Gold Coast will soon have a very, very strong competitor in all things lifestyle, living and of course, business.

The Sunshine Coast Airport had recorded a 7.2 per cent increase in passenger movements compared to September 2017. This made the Sunshine Coast Airport the top performing airport in Australia in 2018.

Airport Expansion Project facts:

  • New runway 2,450 meters long and 45 meters wide
  • $4.1 billion contribution to Gross Regional Product (2020 – 2040)
  • Potential to reach new destinations at home and abroad
  • 63 hectares of land will be rehabilitated to offset ecological impacts
  • 2,230 new full-time direct and indirect jobs by 2040
  • 3,500 fewer dwellings affected by five or more aircraft noise events of 70 decibels or more in 2020
  • In 2040 – 5,000 fewer dwellings affected by five or more aircraft noise events of 70 decibels or more
  • Potential to attract up to 2,000,000 passengers to the Sunshine Coast annually.
2020 will not only be the delivery date for this major real estate catalyst but it will also be the year the first buildings will be completed in the upcoming new Central Business District – SunCentral (which requires a whole email in itself). The timing to invest in the area is now before all of these major infrastructure spends come to fruition.
And, let it be known, we are following our own advice.
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