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Our goal is to partner with you to achieve your personalised aspirations of wealth creation and early retirement through smart property investment. Through a 41 year strong methodology, in-depth investment reports and an essential investment property calculator, we strive every day to provide superior performing investment properties direct from the developer to our members. At the same time, with everyone that has purchased through The Cameron Bird Group, we aim to provide the highest level of customer service every step of the way, with the goal of finding a tenant for your investment property lined up prior to settlement.
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To download the ‘Investment Property Calculator’, simply click REGISTER NOW below to access the calculator from within our portal. If you are already a valued member, click the ‘Members Login’ at the top right of the page to access your copy from the Downloads page.



The Cameron Bird Group investment property calculator is the ultimate cash flow analysis software. Designed for investors, by property and tax professionals, our CFA .xls spreadsheet program calculates all the numbers for your potential investment in a clear and concise method.


The Cameron Group CFA allows you to make smarter investment decisions by crunching the cash flows of your investment purchase so before you enter into any purchase. Easy to use with a transparent outcome.