Location is ‘the distance from’ and ‘the location in’.

Tuesday, 5th February 2019

There are so many micro factors in real estate that accompany ‘location’. At a glance, detailed maps can give you the ‘distance’ from demand indicators like retail (pictured below for Plaza Central), health facilities, educational facilities, amenities and many more which are beneficial to an investor. The Cameron Bird Group always provides very detailed maps to save time for investors.

Demographics and population growth which are also very important, deal with location at a suburb level. Plaza Central is located ‘in’ Maroochydore. Public infrastructure spending and the economy are important at a local council level. Plaza Central is located ‘in’ The Sunshine Coast. Our 74 page information pack breaks down the entire region in this way for the investor.

Cash flow is king but capital growth is the real wealth creator. Location of ‘Plaza Central’ apartments will set an investor in good stead for future mid to long term growth while all properties are projected to be cash flow positive. If you haven’t already, simply confirm or enter your details in the form below:

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If you’ve been doing your due diligence and research, please make contact quickly, entering our fourth week on this development, the stand-out investment opportunities are getting fewer by the day.


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