Property Sales Testimonials“I have completed several purchases through the Cameron Bird Group, over several years, all of which have resulted in a strong investment performance. In this time I have dealt extensively with Jack Bird and found his organisation to deliver outstanding service.


We have purchased 3 properties over this period and seen very strong investment performance from them. Cameron Bird Group have made the process very user-friendly, with continual support from start to finish. The most recent duplex project is in the Palmwoods region of the Sunshine Coast.


The property has delivered the strong uplift in value original projected, verified through market appraisals with local agents, and rental performance 10% above what was forecast. An outstanding result. We continue to see strong performance from the dual occupancy built in Morayfield, with strong growth in valuations by local agents, and consistent rental occupancy with a 7% return. We see the coast above Brisbane as offering continued opportunities as the area continues to grow and more major infrastructure projects are completed across the area. The coast has reached a turning point of becoming a major self-sustaining region.”


– Tim Barrett

“My wife and I are extremely happy with the services of Jack and his team at Cameron Bird. We have previously purchased properties on our own through many countless hours of market research. The duplexes received the exact rental for one and higher for the 2nd as predicted by Jack.


The level of support and understanding through the whole process was tremendous and 2nd to none. We can thoroughly recommend Jack and Cameron Bird to all our family and friends and we will make no hesitation in continuing to do so. We found Jack to be excellent with his knowledge assisting us to select a property with excellent future capital growth prospects.


We look forward to working with Jack again in the future.”


– Michael and Yvonne

“I am a relatively experienced property investor but I currently reside overseas. I have noticed Cameron Bird advertising over a number of years in real estate publications but never actually taken the time to investigate their services.


I was looking for a property investment in 2017 and again stumbled across a Cameron Bird advertisement. I contacted Jack Bird regarding a duplex opportunity on the Sunshine Coast. He provided a mountain of useful information that I then verified myself. Jack took great time and effort to ensure I was comfortable with the development and made the whole process incredibly easy. I am pleased to say the build went smoothly and I now have both duplexes rented in the range that Jack initially suggested. Bearing in mind I was overseas and did this whole process sight unseen it took an amazing amount of trust. Jack is that guy you can trust and you will get someone that tells it to you straight and genuinely wants to get you a good investment.


I will definitely do another development with him and have no hesitation in recommending his services to anyone else.”


– Andrew Merrilees

“We found out about Cameron Bird through The Smart Property Investor magazine. Curious, we made contact and started a discussion on a possible investment property purchase. We knew from the start we were in good hands as our questions were answered in full and with plenty of extra advice that was beneficial to our decision. After a year of back and forth education, we came into the financial position to make a purchase and it was clear The Cameron Bird Group was the right path to take. We thank you for the time when we weren’t in the position to buy and we thank you for the advice when we were and the on-going support we received.”


– Carl Hetfield

Property Sales Testimonials“We were looking to expand our investment portfolio and, after seeing an advertisement by The Cameron Bird Group promoting the concept of Dual Occupancy Property, we were interested to find out some more information. We had a lengthy phone conversation with Jack Bird, discussing details about him and his business. At the time he also provided detailed information on infrastructure works and plans for future development on the Sunshine Coast area, which is currently experiencing a large population growth.


Based on this information we decided to go ahead with the purchase of a Dual Occupancy house and land package. Living in southern NSW it was virtually impossible for us to visit the build site so – with Jack’s continued support and assistance before, during and after the build, – he kept us up to date with progress reports and ensured everything went as smoothly as possible. The building company has also been very approachable and we are extremely happy with the end result.


We did have the opportunity to meet with Jack once during the building process and we were happy to find our assessment of him was what we felt from our phone conversation – very easy to talk to, strong knowledge of the area and building industry, honest, ethical and professional. Jack’s knowledge of the real estate agents in the Sunshine Coast area was invaluable. He recommended a number of real estate agents for us to contact thus saving us a lot of phone calls and leg work.


The completed Dual Occupancy property is returning rentals of $850/week (the initial forecast was $800/week) which is providing an even stronger positive cash return than Jack’s initial figures and we had no difficulty in renting both units quickly. Thank you, Jack. You made our decision to invest and build on the Sunshine Coast a very painless and enjoyable experience. We appreciate all that you have done for us and we would definitely use your services again.”


– Margaret Jackson

“My husband and I purchased a Dual Occupancy on The Sunshine Coast in 2017 through The Cameron Bird Group. We have a son who has just moved there from Brisbane. He lives in the secondary second dwelling while he rents the primary dwelling out to tenants. We love the Dual Occupancy configuration and the strategy that is in place to own that property out right in the years ahead. I recommend The Cameron Bird Group for the professional investment property recommendations and services”


– Diana Paige

“I would like to thank Jack and his team at Cameron Bird for setting me up in the right direction when it came to property investing. As I have a strong business with good cash flows, I went down the path of manufacturing wealth through Duplex properties. I now concentrate on this investment strategy but it was great to do it my first time through The Cameron Bird Group as they guided me through the purchase and strata titling procedure. My first duplex was my first entry into the investment property world and it went smoothly and rewarded me well, thank you to Jack and his time once again”


– Ryan Price

“I purchased my first investment property through The Cameron Bird Group in 2007. It has continued to perform well to this day. In 2010, I again adhered to their advice and purchase a second. Both quality investments, both strongly tenanted year out and have seen growth. I highly recommend The Cameron Bird Group and their services”


– Paul Angel

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