What does it mean to be Buyer Ready? and why is it more important than ever for investors today?

If we could offer one piece of advice for investors heading into the new year it would be to get ready and stay ready to act on great opportunities when they appear. Not just ready to enquire, but be “Buyer Ready

Why will this be so important in 2022…?

One word. Demand.

You may have noticed that this year property markets across Australia have boomed. Properties have been selling at auction well above estimates, fuelled by huge competition between buyers, both owner/occupiers and investors. Couple this with a stretched housing supply and the result is a flat out race to secure the best properties.

It appears unlikely demand and supply will return to equilibrium in the short-term.”

– Cameron Kusher,
REA Director of Economic Research

Recent reports from realestate.com.au revealed that the average time that a property spends on the market is an astonishing 32 days much less in the most highly desired suburbs!

The Best Investment Properties Sell Incredibly Quickly

For example, both of our most recent duplex opportunities were snapped up by Cameron Bird Group members within a week and are now off the market. In today’s climate you literally need to be ready to go as soon as possible.

Don’t worry if you missed out this time – we have a couple more high-performing duplexes that we’ll be releasing details of very soon.

If you’re only starting the process of becoming Buyer Ready at the point that you find your perfect investment property, the chances are it’ll be off the market by the time you have a chance to take action.

Take a quick moment to list everything that you personally need before going ahead with a purchase. This can include…

  • Knowledge of the property location
  • An understanding of current market conditions
  • Funds for the deposit
  • A finance broker, poised and at the ready
  • A thorough understanding of your borrowing capacity
  • Finance pre-approval in place
  • Detailed post-tax cash flow projections (have you used our Investment Property Calculator?)

If you have all of the above ready to go in the first instance you’ll be in prime position to secure the best cash flow positive property opportunities before anyone else

Make sure that you are ready to succeed

Everyone’s individual circumstances are unique. Discover in detail what being Buyer Ready looks like for you and stay well equipped to take action on the best and fastest selling opportunities.

Click below to let us know you’re interested in becoming buyer ready and arrange a complimentary discussion with a Cameron Bird Group investment property specialist.