Why Duplex Investments Perform So Well

We’ve been singing the praises of dual and multiple occupancy property types for a number of years. From duplex to dual key and even our newest co living offerings, there’s something that they all have in common that makes them appealing to investors – multiple revenue streams.

So, why a is Duplex property with two income streams so beneficial to investors?

1. Higher Rental Yields
Duplex properties are a great boost to a land lot’s rental potential. Build one property and receive two rental incomes.

2. Higher Cash Flows
Positive cash flows keep your investment property portfolio healthy while it grows in value over time. Not only is this extra money in your pocket, it could also be what forms the deposit for your next property, allowing you to build your portfolio at a much faster rate. Some of our most recent duplexes deliver positive cash flows of over $13,000 per annum.

3. Manufacturing Instant Equity
Building a duplex on a block of land can increase its value considerably as soon as construction is complete. We recommend having your investment revalued once building is complete – you’ll be surprised at just how large of an uplift you’ll achieve.

4. More Flexibility
A duplex gives you the ability to strata title each dwelling individually. Not only does this boost your equity almost instantly, it also grants you the same flexibility that you would have from two investments at a fraction of the cost. Want to live in one side, while renting the other one out? Want to sell one side, while keeping the other as a single investment property?


All of this is achievable with a duplex investment

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